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Hybrid hens are back in stock today 30\06\21,also day old female chicks from 25/06 and day old female egg laying ducklings


Poultry boarding terms and conditions

A non returnable deposit of 25% is required to confirm a booking

Payment in full is required when birds are brought into boarding

The cost includes

Fully sanitised coop/run

Treatment for lice and mites on arrival

All feed/grit and bedding

Birds will be cleaned out at least twice a week

They will be locked in their housing at night and let out first thing in the morning in their run/enclosure

Any eggs laid whilst they stay with us will be collected and refridgerated for your on your return

On arrival your birds will be checked over for any obvious signs of disease

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any bird which is showing any signs of illness or disease

Your birds will not be let out of their designated run/enclosure to free range, to ensure their safety whilst they are with us

Although the utmost care and attension will be given to your birds, we will not be held responsible for the loss or damdge which is beyond our control

We will if we feel necessary to take a sick bird to the vet,at your expense , unless it is your choice for us not too, however we will try to contact you if we think a bird needs to be put down

If you agree to us consulting a vet - the cost of the treatment will be passed onto youself

We will not allow the cost to exceed £70 unless we have agreed different prior to your absence

Any late collection after the agreed date will be charged at the  cost you were quoted per day

And if we haven't had contact from you after 7 days we will assume the bird/s are no longer wanted and we will rehome them

When we recieve a deposit from your for boarding we will assume you have read and agreed on our terms and conditions

We look forward to caring for your birds for you whilst you are away