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Hybrid hens are back in stock today 30\06\21,also day old female chicks from 25/06 and day old female egg laying ducklings


Thankyou for looking through our website, we now have the facilities to board hens and also ducks whilst you are away on your holidays

We can house them in an Omlet eglu go ,or if you prefer a more conventional wooden coop,which are moved around to fresh grass periodical.

All our boarding coops and runs are set in their own grassed paddock surrounded by electric poultry netting for added protection and your peace of mind

We can accomadate from one to upto 10 hens as a group ,prices are from £6per night for upto 4 hens,

discounts available for more hens but please get in touch for a quote

During their stay  feed is provided unless you prefer to leave your own and also any extras they are used to having , so as not to upset their routine

Any eggs they lay whilst here can be kept refridgerated for you when you come to collect your hens

Cockrells are welcome also if they are apart of the same group

However your chickens will not be allowed out of their coops to free range whilst in our care